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I dislike long-winded flowery artist statements and biographies so I'll be as brief and to-the-point as I can.
I was given a camera for Christmas in 1959 when I was 9 years old and my life changed. I have no recollection of asking for, or even wanting, a camera at that time so I can only concluded that my parents must have seen something in me. My two brothers did not get cameras, so why me? I used to draw quite a bit at that time and was fairly good at it, for a 9 year old anyway. I can recall watching "Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy" on TV and would draw along with him trying to make my picture look just as good as his. Maybe it was that interest in making an image that  made my parents decide I needed a camera. All I know for sure is that for as long as I can recall I have had a fascination for an image on paper.
That still holds true today, I love an image on paper - at least as far as photography is concerned. I love the physical characteristics of a printed photograph, I love the tactile sensation of actually holding a photograph, feeling the texture and weight of the paper. To me there is nothing quite like holding a well made print in my hands and immersing myself into it, enjoying the composition, the quality of the light captured by the photographer, and the darkroom or digital techniques used to bring the image to life on a piece of paper.
Yes, I am all in favor of image manipulation, that is where an image is transformed from merely being a photograph into a work of art.
All of my work is created using professional grade digital cameras and lenses and is processed with ©Adobe Photoshop. Every image is modified in some way from the original. Personally, photography is an emotional adventure and it is my goal to translate whatever emotional reaction I had when making the photograph into the final print. We all see things through the "viewfinder" our various past experiences, each of us is unique and react differently to the things around us. I might see a red boat differently than you do because I once fell off of a red boat (not true) or you see a blue sky differently than I do because where you grew up the skies were rarely blue - or intensely blue. The point is: as an artist it is my job to convey to you my response to a given scene, to show it to you the way I saw it, using whatever methods I have available.
My work spans a wide variety of subject matter. I am curious about our world and will photograph whatever grabs my attention. I primarily work in the landscape genre but frequently find myself poking around industrial areas or walking city streets looking at light and composition. I enjoy making photographs that make my eyes happy.
There you have it, who I am and what I am about as briefly as I could make it.
Comments and questions are always welcome. Never stop seeing.

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